Folding mobility Scooters

We love folding mobility scooters for a number of reasons but overall for the flexibility they give people in terms of using them to get around, They provide some of the most advanced designs available in the industry.

Here you can see the folding mobility scooters that we have chosen to stock. Our choices are based on quality, reliability and innovation.

Furthe down this page, you can also see a comparison table of the various folding scoote models which is uesful when you start looking.




Class leading

Refined (4th gen)

Hugely popular



Just 17Kg!


Award winning


DiBlasi R30

Fast auto folding

3 wheels for manouverability

Suitable for all terrain


iLiving i3

Super simple folding

Great quality

LED lights

High ground clearance


3 Wheel Autofold

Drive Devilbiss

Small & compact

Very manouverable


4 Wheel Autofold

Drive Devilbiss

LCD display

Straight handelbars

Same as Smarti


TGA Minimo

Solidy tyres

3 wheel manouverability

Airplane safe


TGA Minimo Plus 4

Pneumatic tyres

4 wheels

Bigger battery


TGA Maximo

Large size

Pneumatic tyres



TGA Minimo Autofold

Auto folding

Same as minimo plus 4

Delayed until 2019

Summary of folding mobility scooter models

TGA Minimo No 3 Yes Compact manual folding scooter with twin front centre wheels.
TGA Minimo Plus No 3 No NOW DISCONTINUED. Same as the Minimo but with larger battery & pneumatic tyres.
TGA Minimo Plus 4 No 4 NO Same as Minimo Plus but with front wheels wide apart like normal 4 wheel scooter.
TGA Minimo Autofold No 4 No Same as Minimo Plus 4 but with auto folding mechanism. Release delayed until 2019.
TGA Maximo Plus No 4 No A larger folding scooter with more comfort and longer range.
DiBlasi R30 Yes 3 Yes Compact rugged scooter. Large wheel and high ground clearance suited for outdoor use.
iLiving i3 No 4 Yes Manual folding scooter. Good ground clearance but suited to pavement use.
Monarch Smarti No 4 Yes Most popular folding scooter. 4th generation so very refined.
Drive 3 Wheel Autofold Yes 3 Yes Very small and compact 3 wheel auto folding scooter. 
Drive 4 Wheel Autofold Yes 4 Yes Same as the Monarch Smarti (same manufacturer) but with straight handlebars and LCD display
MovingLife Atto No 3 Yes Manual folding 3 wheel scooter. Modern style but complex to fold/unfold
Sun Tech eFOLDI No 3 Yes The lightest folding scooter. New to the market for 2018