Midsized Mobility Scooters

Midsize mobility scooters are a great choice for people that need something very safe, sturdy and capable, but do not have space to store a large machine.

Most midsize scooters are class 3 machines which are suitable for both road use and pavement use. This really is the best of both worlds, as often larger scooters are simply too big to fit on pavements or pedestrian areas despite legally being allowed.

Whilst it depends on the individual model, you will typically benefit from full suspension and an adjustable seat on a midsize scooter.

We stock a selection of both new and used midsized mobility scooters. The new scooters come with twelve months warranty and offer the latest features. Our used midsized scooters come with new batteries, are fully serviced and come with a three-month warranty. The used scooters are exceptional value for money whilst still providing trouble-free riding.

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