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Mobility Scooters UK is a UK based company devoted to the sale of mobility scooters, powerchairs & other mobility aids. As an experienced retailer with a number of years in this business, we're fully aware that choosing the best scooter or powerchair for you can be an overwhelming task as there are so many options to choose from. Options ranging from cheap imported machines to high-quality, branded ones. Our website has been designed with the customer in mind. We purposely narrow down the range of scooters & powerchairs we feature so you can be sure on the quality, no matter which option you choose. We've purposely chosen to sell only high quality, reliable products that we have the utmost confidence in. From our extensive knowledge of mobility scooters and powerchairs we've hand picked only the very best possible products which we've sold over an extended period of time.

Folding Mobility Scooters

Folding mobility scooters are designed for everyday use, helping you around the house or giving you the freedom go shopping. Their small frames make them easy to manoeuvre and fit into narrow spaces without compromising on stability. These scooters can be quickly folded, and easily lifted into a car boot or stored away. This flexibility also means they can be transported on trains and aeroplanes, making them great travel mobility scooters. Categorised as Class 2 scooters, they can only be driven on pavements and footpaths (unless crossing a road or there is no footpath) and have a maximum speed of 4mph. Class 2 scooters don't have to be registered with the DVLA. Folding mobility scooters contain smaller batteries, typically lithium, making them more suitable for travelling shorter distances. Depending on usage and model, a full battery can power a scooter for 8 - 12 miles.

Mobility Boot Scooters

Boot scooters are compact and easy to dismantle which makes them ideal for the boot of your car. Boot mobility scooters allow you the flexibility and independence to go anywhere as they're easily transportable. Our range of boot scooters provide you with many different benefits so you can choose the best one to suit your needs. Our scooters will fit in most boots and start from as little as £399.

Mid Size Mobility Scooters

Midsize mobility scooters are perfect for people who want to go to their local shops and collect some shopping. Their bigger wheels, longer range and padded seats enable them to handle bumps and other terrain much better than boot scooters. Some of the mid size scooters can be dismantled for transportation but please check the individual model first.

Large Mobility Scooters

Large mobility scooters, also called class 3, are much more substantial in terms of size, weight and capability. These scooters have a top speed of up to 8mph and can cover up to 35 miles. They are road legal and so can be used on a public road if you desire. For people replacing their car, or considering a scooter as their main mode of transport, these are an ideal solution.

Powerchairs / Electric Wheelchairs

Powerchairs, often called electric wheelchairs, are ideal for those with less mobility and in need of a more permanent solution. They are extremely comfortable for all day use and come in a variety of sizes for indoor and outdoor use. Accessories such as electric seat raisers, reline, tilt and foot raisers are all avaiable and further improve the usability of the chairs