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Why Choose Our Mobility Scooters?

“Since getting my Alumina scooter, I feel like I have my freedom back. The warranty and insurance gave me the confidence to go out and explore!” – Jane D.

• 5-Year Warranty: Enjoy long-term peace of mind with our comprehensive 5-year warranty.
• Free 1-Month Insurance: Get started with confidence, knowing you’re covered from day one.
• Ultra Lightweight: Easy to transport, our scooters are perfect for travel and everyday use. •
Foldable and Compact: Conveniently fold your scooter for storage or transport.
• Comfort and Reliability: Designed for comfort, our scooters provide a smooth and reliable ride.

Discover Our Mobility Scooters

Explore the exceptional features and benefits of our top models. With countless mobility scooters available on the market, we are dedicated to thoroughly evaluating each one to provide you with the most unbiased and expert advice possible. Whether you visit us in person or give us a call, we’re here to discuss your needs and help you find the perfect mobility equipment to suit your lifestyle. Reach out to us today to discover how we can support your journey to independence and freedom.

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Alumina Mobility Scooter

The Alumina mobility scooter is designed to provide ultimate freedom and independence with its innovative features and benefits. This lightweight scooter boasts a durable aluminum chassis and the latest lithium battery technology, making it the easiest to lift and offering the longest range in its category. With a remarkable travel range of up to 30 miles on a single charge, users can enjoy extended trips without worry.

The scooter’s heaviest part weighs only 9.9 kg, making it highly portable and easy to disassemble for transportation. Comfort is ensured with a rotating padded seat and super soft tyres, complemented by full suspension for a smooth ride. Safety and ease of use are prioritized with features like a quick release T-bar handle, dual controls with soft hand grips, a front LED light for visibility, and a convenient tiller charging socket. Available in sleek charcoal and grey, the Alumina scooter supports a weight limit of up to 21 stone, catering to a wide range of users.

For added convenience, accessories such as delta handlebars, an air safe battery, and an in-car charger are available. With the Alumina mobility scooter, users can experience peace of mind with a comprehensive 5-year warranty and 1-month free insurance, ensuring worry-free travel and independence.

mLite Mobility Scooter

The mLite mobility scooter combines practicality and convenience with its impressive features and benefits, making it an ideal choice for those seeking independence and freedom. Weighing just 17.9 kg, this ultra-lightweight scooter is easy to handle and transport, perfect for everyday use and travel. The mLite’s compact design features an extending handle, allowing it to be rolled effortlessly when folded.

Equipped with a simple tiller control system, the mLite ensures easy maneuverability and user-friendly operation. Its removable lithium-ion battery supports off-board charging, offering convenience and flexibility. Safe for air travel, the mLite allows you to take your mobility scooter wherever you go, ensuring continuous independence.

Comfort is enhanced with extended footrests and a lightweight aluminum frame, providing a sturdy yet comfortable ride. The scooter’s specifications include a range of 9 miles on a single charge, a top speed of 4 mph, and a maximum user weight capacity of 18 stone. Solid front and rear wheels, along with a ground clearance of 2.5 cm, ensure stability and a smooth ride across various terrains.

Available in stylish grey and red, the mLite also offers a variety of accessories, including a basket, armrests, and a travel case, catering to your personal needs. With a comprehensive 5-year warranty and 1-month free insurance, the mLite mobility scooter provides peace of mind, allowing you to enjoy life to the fullest without limitations.

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Photon Electric Wheelchair

The Photon powerchair stands at the forefront of mobility innovation, offering an exceptional blend of lightweight design, robust performance, and unmatched agility. Crafted from advanced carbon fiber, the Photon redefines the powerchair category by weighing only 17 kg without the battery, making it incredibly easy to transport and maneuver.

This revolutionary powerchair provides a remarkable range of 12 miles on a single charge, ensuring uninterrupted exploration and freedom. The Photon is designed to accommodate users up to 23.5 stone, delivering unparalleled comfort and support. Its sleek and minimalist design seamlessly combines functionality with aesthetics, setting new standards in the world of mobility aids.

Whether you’re navigating bustling city streets or traversing rugged terrain, the Photon offers superior performance, agility, and reliability. Its innovative features allow for smooth and responsive control, ensuring that you can move with confidence and ease.

Experience the freedom of movement like never before with the Photon powerchair. Lightweight yet robust, the Photon empowers you to live life without limitations. With the added peace of mind of a comprehensive 5-year warranty and 1-month free insurance, the Photon ensures that your mobility needs are met with the highest standards of quality and support.

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Ultra Lightweight

The Alumina is so light and easy to lift that it makes it so easy to put into your car, meaning it's always with you when you need it.

Comfortable & Safe

The comfort on riding the Alumina is so much better than any other boot scooter, you have to try it to beleive it.

Peace of Mind

With Motion healthcare's excellent 5 year warrantly, you have peace of mind with the Alumina.

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